If orphans were a country of their own, they would be the 9th largest country in the world. Let that sink in. There are over 153 million orphans in the world today. This is why we call it a crisis. The Archibald Project’s goal is to end this! How? They use media and creative storytelling to inspire people into action. The result is powerful and ethical orphan care stories that activate people to give financially and act sacrificially. There are fewer children called orphan because of The Archibald Project.


We have personally seen their stories inspire families to become missionaries in the 10/40 Window, inspire families to foster, lead to new adoptions and eliminate fears about orphan care.


We have witnessed first hand The Archibald Project’s media give struggling parents hope, educate on ethical adoption, inspire people to serve orphans overseas, inspire people to serve children in the foster care system when they are unable to be foster parents, raise thousands of dollars for organizations, and open eyes up to new possibilities of caring for orphans. We have also seen their media raise money to build a home for a family of orphans in Western Uganda, provide clean water to an orphanage, help organizations receive grant money, help children receive money for medical operations, provide art classes and art materials to orphans in Romania and inspire more people to care for orphans with special needs.  With The Archibald Project we believe that within the next fifty years we can see an end to the orphan crisis.

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Having a hard time supporting her children from her low-paying job at the hair salon, Joy looked at her future with despair. When one of her customers told her about a restaurant job in Asia that paid $500/month, Joy was overjoyed at the potential of traveling abroad and making more money to pay for her children's school fees. However, once she arrived in Asia, she was met at the airport by another woman who told her that she owed $5000 in debt and the only job was prostitution. With no money, no understanding of the foreign country she was in, and a boss who was abusing and threatening her, Joy was stuck and realized she had no way out except to work in prostitution to pay back the fraudulent debt.


This is just one story of the estimated 21 million people enslaved in the world today. Red Oak is working to rewrite this story by bringing freedom, hope, and restoration to trafficked and exploited women and children in East Asia.


Red Oak works with governments and for-profit companies to play a part in stopping the trafficking of humans on a large scale while providing direct services such as safe shelter, food, medical care and immigration assistance, and economic empowerment for those already impacted by the sex industry.


In the last five years alone, Red Oak has directly repatriated over 40 internationally trafficked women and children and have provided services to hundreds more.

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Behind every missionary, there stands a mobilizer. The word mobilize literally means ‘to put into movement’. When it is defined in the context of missions, mobilization is inspiring, informing, and activating believers for the completion of world evangelization. John Mott, arguably the most influential mission mobilizer in history, said “The one who does the work is only surpassed in value by the one who multiplies the doers.” This is the heartbeat of Launch Global.


But they’ve taken it a step further. Not only does Launch Global mobilize, they also train believers to multiply disciples where there are no churches. The fact is that only 2 percent of missionaries who apply to go to the 10/40 Window actually make it. Of the few who do make it, half return before the end of their first 2 years. Launch Global seeks to change this.


Through life-on-life training over a period of several months, they correct character issues, unresolved conflict and train in basic disciple-making. Launch Global moves potential missionaries through an active training that develops their character, equips them with essential skills, and places them on healthy teams with solid, experienced coaches. They see more than 75 percent of those involved in their training not only make it to the mission field but stay and thrive.


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Today, there is great persecution toward Christ-followers in many of the countries in the 10/40 Window. How do you encourage and equip them if you cannot physically get to them? The answer? The Internet and social media.


Pioneers is a mission agency who is spearheading this initiative. Through a program called Arab World Media, Pioneers is seeing millions of Arabic speakers have the chance to hear the good news. Many are responding! 


In the first few months of 2017 alone, Arab World Media has been responsible for 12,000 new Bible downloads, over 4,000 being discipled online and 109 converted to faith in Christ.


With a smartphone in the pocket of every Arab Muslim, the accessibility of media means we can go further than ever before and make a greater impact in people’s lives, no matter how hostile the environment. They’re literally changing the face of the Arab World!


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The average person makes 226 decisions about food everyday… yes, everyday! Where will I eat, who will I eat with, when will I eat and how much will I eat. Not so on the war torn border of Uganda and South Sudan. There, they desire just to eat.


In this region, political conflict and economic problems have brought wide-spread displacement, violence and food shortage. Famine is severe. Enter The Farm Project.


The Farm Project works with families who are struggling to survive. They create sustainable business projects that provide an honest living for those in this difficult region of Africa. They’re not just providing opportunity and food, but hope where there has been none.


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