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Our 2021
Mission Partners

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As a result of the Vietnam War, Southeast Asian children have been impacted by an extreme lack of education. The literacy rate is 30-40% which leads to growing up in an environment where trafficking, violence, and spiritual blindness form a blanket that hinders their ability to thrive and can feel impossible to overcome.

Global Serve International


GSI has a long-term team in place through the SE Asia Learning Center (SEALC), and with your help, we will work to:


Address needs due to these challenges

  • Teams of global workers learn the local heart language, translate and teach the Bible in that language, and establish a church.

Engage in the struggle

  • Support these children through education and share the Gospel through Bible teaching that happens as a result of relationship development.

Serve them with education and resources

  • Offer classes in primary school subjects, such as reading, writing, and English. Speaking English opens opportunities to find better jobs and further their education.


Through your partnership, the SEALC will become the model for other GSI teams to serve within 12 other unreached people groups. 

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There are over 8 million people enslaved in India, most enslaved through bonded labor.



Justice Ventures International brings freedom, justice, and restoration to those suffering from human trafficking and other extreme injustice.


JVI partners with local organizations and global stakeholders to:


Secure Justice for Individuals

  • Facilitate joint rescue operations to free thousands of oppressed children, women and men


Empower Local Partners

  • Equip and strengthen local nonprofit organizations and businesses to fight injustice through human rights training, legal services, and funding


Improve Justice Systems

  • Conduct research, advocate for changes in policies and laws, and build justice networks


JVI needs your help to provide Justice Hubs that will focus on services in high prevalence areas of injustice in Northern India. These Justice Hubs will rescue hundreds, protect thousands and transform communities bringing sustained freedom, justice, and restoration for vulnerable men, women, and children.

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99 out of 100 Fulani warriors don’t know Jesus. They are spiritually blinded and have committed many atrocities in Nigeria. But when they hear & understand the Gospel, many come to faith and become warriors for Jesus. With your help, SIM can:



The good news is that when they hear & understand the Gospel, many come to faith and become warriors for Jesus. With your help, SIM can:

Train & equip

  • 70 indigenous missionaries leaders who will train 700 indigenous missionaries & pastors, who will train & promote awareness to 7,000 church members to develop a heart to reach the Fulani people in northern Nigeria, West Africa. 

Create a movement

  • To reach the Fulani through trained leaders who are distributing written and recorded evangelistic and discipleship material produced by Wycliffe Bible Translators. 

Evangelism and Discipleship

  • We will distribute 4,500 solar-powered MP3 Mega Voice Players (MVP) to reach many Fulani people with the Gospel.

With your support, these leaders will remain in place for years to come and train others to reach out to the Fulani, creating a multiplicative effect. As the Fulani come to know Jesus and become warriors for Him, He can use them mightily to take the Gospel to North Africa and beyond!

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There are 20 million people following Tibetan Buddhism, stretching from Asia from the Tuvans in Siberia to the Sherpa in the Himalayas.



OMF desires to see mission mobilization among the Mongolians and other unreached and unengaged people groups, as many have no known believers.  Let’s help OMF work with local partners to:


Strategically distributing culturally sensitive tools

  • They are primarily oral learners in remote Himalayan and Siberian regions; therefore, we will share the Gospel in their local languages through arts and media.

Discipleship training of new believers

  • Due to the pressure to return to former beliefs, we will work with national leaders who use discipleship programs specific for Tibetan Buddhist background believers and support faith maturity.

Leadership Development

  • We are empowering local leaders to become trainers of the next generation of believers. These trainers will identify believers with leadership potential to participate in customized spiritual formation training.


By God’s grace, your partnership will help fulfill the vision of urgent evangelization within the unreached Tibetan communities where a younger generation of believers are equipped as disciple-makers to reach their people. 

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The sudden growth of the youth population throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) will surge by about 10 million between 2015 and 2030.



 Your generosity will help ELIC:


Equip Rural Teachers to Succeed in their Classrooms

  • Our Teacher Training Program will equip these teachers to teach more effectively, with confidence, and improved English. This training will create a multiplying effect through the hundreds of students each teacher instructs.

Bring Hope to Rural Students through Quality Education

  • A good education equips students with critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong improved opportunities. As education improves, social problems such as violent behavior, poverty, and extremism are reduced, leading to a peaceful, resilient, and hopeful future for all.

Make the Most of Every Opportunity

  • Teachers committed to excellent teaching build genuine, intentional relationships. Through professionalism, cultural sensitivity, and sincere friendships, they earn the right to share truth and hope.

Together we can reach the nations through education! 

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Our Mission Partners will be
featured at our annual
Light the World event on
December 12, 2021
but you can support them today.

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