Please see below a letter and call to action to help a valued partner and dear brother of BLESS.  Chef is extremely generous with his time, talent and treasure to BLESS and many other non-profits in Austin.  He is trying hard to keep his full team employed while bringing incredible, locally sourced meals to our kitchen tables.  If you're looking for a change in your new daily meal routine, please consider giving these incredible brothers and sisters a look.  Links below, you can share this page via text or email & the attached .pdf.


Prayers up!



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Hello Friends,

I hope this message finds you and yours healthy and safe.

You probably know us as the chefs who host fun interactive dinner parties. What you may not know is we also have been feeding local austinites on a weekly basis with our personalized weekly meal service for over 5 years!

As our core values guide us, we have always been stalwart and responsible stewards of our community. Donating our time, resources, and craft to local organizations when we can. Last year our contributions to local organizations raised over $275,000 for our community through local charities!

To be really vulnerable, like most businesses in Austin, ours has taken a drastic hit from the Covid19 outbreak. We have had to suspend all dinner party operations, which is half of our business. We have not had to lay-off any team members yet, but that could happen if things continue. However, instead of crawling into the corner and crying (which I sooo want to do), I have chosen to seize this opportunity to be a lighthouse in the storm; to be my community’s North Star. We have chosen to face this crisis head on and do our part.

We have ramped up our delivered weekly prepared meal services. We have begun offering a Date Night Delivered Dinner Package to spice things up. And, we have also opened up access to our wholesale purveyors, local farmers, local ranchers, and local artisans for our clients to include staple groceries (milk, eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables) with their meal deliveries.

Here’s where I need your help. I need you to help spread the word. We would love for you to tell everyone in your network that we are still open, helping people, and could use some support!

Here’s some ways they can help.

  1. Start a meal service with us by completing a Food Profile. I will immediately contact them to discuss the details

  2. Gift a service to a friend, family member, or maybe local First Responders.

  3. Order a Date Night Delivered Dinner Package – who doesn’t need to relax right now?

  4. Tell their friends and family about us and encourage anyone who needs help with meals right now to contact us or me directly at – 512.436.2401

I really feel drawn to help my community right now and I thank you for helping me live out this purpose. If I can

be of any assistance in spreading this word please do not hesitate to ask.


All the Best,

Michael Wards
Founder & Executive Chef

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