Young Life Africa

There are ~16 million unreached kids in Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone under the age of 15

Young Life is introducing young people to Jesus across Africa – transforming hearts, lives, families, and communities in the process. Teens from Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone will experience a place of welcome, adventure, laughter, and unconditional love alongside a trusted leader at a Young Life camp where they’ll hear the entire gospel story, many for the first time.

  • A teen mom abandoned by her parents finds acceptance again

  • A street kid with a history of drug abuse finds forgiveness

  • A young girl finds freedom

  • An orphan finds love

Your 2020 investment will help reach many teens with the Gospel story and provided a long-term relationship with a Christian mentor to equip them to be Christian leaders in their families and communities. Thank you for joining us in this movement, changing lives forever, and impacting eternity!