Aminata is a fourteen-years-old who grew up in a Muslim family. She first heard of Young Life from her French teacher.  He encouraged all of his students to attend Young Life club.


"Eventually, me and a friend decided we’d take him up on his offer, and go. When I saw my teacher dancing with a bunch of other kids, I could not believe it! He invited me to join in, I felt so welcome!  I immediately began attending regularly. I’d show up at first because I was just so excited to be there.


When I heard about camp, I wanted nothing more than to be able to go; but my parents were against it. So, I asked my teacher if he would be willing to talk to them and he did. He was able to reassure them that he’d take care of me while at camp, and they agreed. While at camp, I learned how God created the world and that Adam and Eve sinned, but God sent His Son that He could save us from our sins. The word of God is light in this dark world and I will seek to follow that light.”





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There are over 8 million people enslaved in India, most enslaved through bonded labor

Justice Ventures International brings freedom, justice, and restoration to those suffering from human trafficking and other extreme injustice.


JVI partners with local organizations and global stakeholders to:


Secure Justice for Individuals

Facilitate joint rescue operations to free thousands of oppressed children, women and men

Empower Local Partners

Equip and strengthen local nonprofit organizations and businesses to fight injustice through human rights training, legal services, and funding

Improve Justice Systems

Conduct research, advocate for changes in policies and laws and build justice networks


JVI needs your help to provide Justice Hubs that will focus on services in high prevalence areas of injustice in Northern India. These Justice Hubs will rescue hundreds, protect thousands and transform communities bringing sustained freedom, justice, and restoration for vulnerable men, women, and children.


Only 2% of the 70 million Deaf worldwide have been introduced to the Gospel

The Deaf have a language, culture, and worldview distinct from the broader Hearing culture. Effectively engaging them requires mobilizing and equipping believers who are accepted into Deaf society. 

Fewer than 1% of the Deaf in the Balkans have an understanding of the good news! 

Your generosity will mobilize and equip Deaf believers to:

  • Develop tools to reach Deaf communities throughout the Balkans with the Gospel

  • Share the good news of Christ through sign language

  • Lay the foundation for Deaf churches in at least four Balkan nations

  • Craft approximately 30 Bible stories that can be easily adapted for sharing in the numerous sign languages of this region






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In 2018, BLESS partners funded the completion of a 200,000-watt medium wave (AM) radio-transmitter along the Silk Road.

Now you can help fund much-needed programming to share the Gospel with those who cannot be reached in person safely. With a focus on youth, this project will reach listening communities and guide them to Jesus through:

  • Broadcasting The Way of Righteousness radio program

  • Youth ministry programming through social media

  • The King of Glory biblical video series shared on social media



Thanks to you, at the beginning of June, a group of Wantakians heard the Gospel for the first time!

In 2018, BLESS partners provided funding for the translation of the four Gospels in the first-time ever written heart-language of the Wantakian people in Papua New Guinea.    

Now it’s time to provide eternal sustainability by providing the rest of the New Testament. 


  • Purchase equipment needed to complete the New Testament Translation

  • Enable literacy training, Bible teaching and, discipleship

  • Print and distribute waterproof Bibles that withstand the harsh jungle environment

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