Empower One Update: COVID & Clean Water in Africa

The Refugee Camps are divided into zones...while the countries are under shelter in place orders

Empower One leaders are burning up telephone minutes, shepherding their people, trying to continue to disciple people via the phone, and pastors and church planters are calling one another giving encouragement and prayer.

COVID Cases:
As of April 3:
South Sudan - 0
Sudan - 7
Chad - 7
DR Congo - 123
Uganda - 44

Water Well Opportunity - a GUSHER for thousands! 


Recently we hit an absolute gusher drilling one of our new water wells!! 


The UN is going to re-drill and expand the main pipe from 6” to 12”.  A water ministry out of South Carolina is providing solar panels and a diesel back up. This should provide water, and water stations, to about 25,000 refugees, which is super helpful when there's a virus running around. Essentially this takes it from one hand-pumped well to lots of safer water stations.

Our part is to buy and install big pump motor.  This project is similar to well #5 funded by BLESS - pictured right - and an opportunity to provide clean water for drinking, bathing, cooking & farming.

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When you invest with BLESS, you IMPACT the most vulnerable with immediate physical and spiritual need.