Thanks to you, at the beginning of June, a group of Wantakians heard the Gospel for the first time!

In 2018, BLESS partners provided funding for the translation of the four Gospels in the first-time ever written heart-language of the Wantakian people in Papua New Guinea.    

Now it’s time to provide eternal sustainability by providing the rest of the New Testament. 


  • Purchase equipment needed to complete the New Testament Translation

  • Enable literacy training, Bible teaching and discipleship

  • Print and distribute waterproof Bibles that withstand the harsh jungle environment






We are happy to report that we have recently shared God’s Word, beginning to end, in the Wantakia language for the first time!   Every day, about 150 men, women, and children eagerly attend the daily Bible teaching.


50+ people have clearly expressed faith in Jesus as their Savior, and we are now studying the book of Acts to learn from what the apostles and the early church did.


We have translated much of Genesis, Exodus, and Mark, and portions of Matthew, Luke, John, Acts, and Revelation into the heart language of the Wantakia's and God’s Word is impacting the whole community.


Kipson is an excellent example of many who are learning and growing in the village.  He is an essential leader in the Wantakia village.  Like most in the village, he was illiterate but has always wanted to learn to read.


He was the first student to sign up for our literacy school and has completed the course. We often find him sitting in his hut at night with his flashlight reading God’s Word to his family and anyone else who will come to listen!


He is now training to become a teacher at the school. He wants everyone to learn to read so that they can read God’s Word for themselves. He is on fire with excitement about God’s Word, and he is just itching to take it to all of the surrounding villages, so everyone can hear God’s incredible story of salvation, from beginning to end!


Thank you, BLESS, for your commitment to all tribes, tongues, and nations with the Word of God! We are excited about our partnership with you and look forward to sharing more about the work your support has provided!


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