"Knees knelt in prayer are more powerful than marching armies..."

A few years ago, we were given a piece of land in a certain war-torn area. We sought official approval to build a church and the answer from all the political parties was a clear “no."  The second time around, the leaders of other denominations resisted that an evangelical church be erected.  We were facing religious parties opposing us and acting as a weapon against the church.  It was only with our third attempt that we got the official approval documents.  But then, the city refused the proposal!

The Government official that was handling our case was a Muslim.  He had a hard time understanding why Christians were opposing an evangelical church being built.  The only answer they could give was that they would have allowed it, if it was a mosque or even a Catholic church, but not an evangelical church.  As with Nehemiah we faced opposition after opposition, but we continued trusting the Lord and praying about this matter.

One day some of us went to the land to pray over it, and as God planned it the man who had to grant us the official documents was there. He legally declared that we could start building the church. Our success was not in our own power! “And I told them of the hand of my God that had been upon me for good…” Neh 2:18

Satan is always resisting and threatening the work of God.  As in Nehemiah’s example, we faced military resistance, resistance from radicals, resistance from the government, other denominations, psychological opposition and even hostility from other Christians.  But God is faithful, and His promises are true.

Just like Nehemiah we fervently prayed night and day. A church constantly praying, operates under God’s umbrella of protection.  The greatest gift we can give each other is to pray.  


Pray for us as we continue to obey God and live in a country filled with hostility towards our Lord.  God hears every prayer and He is doing a miraculous work of bringing people to Him.  God is looking for people, like Nehemiah, who will stand through trials, who will not flee, but who will trust Him and His Word.

Your prayers carry us. May God protect us.


  1. Pray against a spirit of oppression and darkness and that God's light would shine in a country (Syria) in desperate need of a Savior.

  2. Pray for those who are persecuted, opposed and oppressed for their faith.

  3. Pray for the body of Christ in the MENA region, as they grace difficulties, hostility and persecution.  When one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers.

  4. Pray that 2020 would give us a hunger for God's Word and a heart for His people.

  5. Pray that God's grace would continue to cover and protect, He would go before us and prepare the way and that we would obey.

  6. Pray that like Nehemiah we would persevere and use our earthly (work, preparation, obedience) and heavenly (God and His angels) resources to win the battles we have to fight.

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Isa had a special route that he took to church everyday.  One morning, out of nowhere he felt the urge to take a different route.  He wondered why he suddenly felt the need to go a different way.  

All of a sudden he heard an explosion - there were bombings all around the church. He saw a man running towards him. This man was badly hurt and blood poured out of his wounds. The man screamed 'please help me I am bleeding to death'. A bystander came to assist and as they turned the wounded man over, he died in their arms.

The Holy Spirit warned Isa that morning and guided him on a different road. 'It could have been me.  God saved my life.  We have a wonderful Father that cares for us and goes before us.'

*Isa is not his real name