Justice Ventures International brings freedom, justice, and restoration to those suffering from human trafficking and other extreme injustice.


JVI partners with local organizations and global stakeholders to:

Secure Justice for Individuals

Facilitate joint rescue operations to free thousands of oppressed children, women and men

Empower Local Partners

Equip and strengthen local nonprofit organizations and businesses to fight injustice through human rights training, legal services, and funding


Improve Justice Systems

Conduct research, advocate for changes in policies and laws and build justice networks


JVI needs your help to provide Justice Hubs that will focus on services in high prevalence areas of injustice in Northern India. These Justice Hubs will rescue hundreds, protect thousands and transform communities bringing sustained freedom, justice, and restoration for vulnerable men, women, and children.




As the U.S. celebrates our 244th year of independence this month, Seema*, a minor from a small village in Bangladesh, celebrated her new-found freedom as well.

Sixteen-year-old Seema lived in a village in Barisal, Bangladesh where her father, Raju, worked as a farmer earning only Rs. 3,000 ($40) a month. Raju squandered most of his wages on alcohol which caused him to have violent outbursts against Seema and her mother, eventually causing her mother to abandon the family. Raju soon remarried. However, his second wife was not accepting of Seema, often showing unwarranted aggression towards her. Seema found it difficult to live with her stepmother, which in turn agitated Raju even more.  Seema decided to  drop out of school and move in with her aunt in Dhaka to get away from the hostile living situation. 

While living with her aunt, Seema often accompanied her cousins to the beauty parlour where they worked. She picked up various skills and was given a job. Seema enjoyed her job and dreamed of opening a beauty parlour of her own one day. However, Seema was offered a better paying job in a cosmetic store, which she accepted. While at the store, Seema became acquainted with one of its regular customers, Zakir. Seema confided in Zakir and told him about her life and her desire to save money for  her own beauty parlour. Zakir offered Seema a way to turn her dream into reality and told her of numerous job opportunities in India where she could earn up to Rs. 30,000 ($400) a month. He convinced Seema to take up a job in a sari  factory and offered to accompany her to India.

In hopes of creating a better future for herself, in March 2020, Seema illegally crossed the Bandgaon border into West Bengal, India with Zakir. He took Seema to a lodge where he revealed for the first time that she would have to work as a commercial sex worker. A deep sense of betrayal and helplessness engulfed her when she heard those words. Zakir returned to Bangladesh that night, leaving Seema to fend for herself in an unknown place with no way to go back home.

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Suhani's Story

Resilience and Restoration


At 17, Suhani* was already a widow and mother of five. Life had been a struggle – an arranged marriage when she was a child, and then the demands of raising five children. When her husband died unexpectedly, Suhani made the difficult decision to leave her children with her parents and find work in Delhi, India, as a domestic servant.

While traveling to Delhi she was coerced and forced into a brothel in West Bengal. Suhani was raped multiple times a day, receiving no wages from the brothel owner or customers. The months spent there felt like an eternity. Suhani was in a miserable and desperate situation with no one to turn to for help.

Working through its network of partners,  JVI uncovered Suhani’s situation and a rescue was planned. JVI worked with local police to shut down the brothel. Suhani was rescued, along with six other minor girls. Police arrested eleven perpetrators and sealed the building to prevent re-entry. Suhani and the other girls are now receiving aftercare as they begin their journey on the difficult road to restoration.


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