Mobilization is at the core of all things BLESS. We find ourselves in a broken world, with boundaries and borders often separating those with resources from those without. The BLESS logo replaces the center horizontal line of the "E" with a highlighted portion of the global map. We highlight an area known as the 10/40 Window (within 10 and 40 degrees latitude). 

The 10/40 represents the 65 least evangelized countries in the world. Covering Northern Africa, The Middle East and parts of Asia, the 10/40 encompasses the majority of humanitarian crises on earth. BLESS seeks to bridge the gap, blur the lines that culture can use to divide us and bring people and resources where they are needed most, to reach the unreached.

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A rapid shift in Global Missions

We are fueling an emerging movement by equipping non-western pastors and missions leaders to raise up their own foreign laborers for the future wave of missions.


Our desire is to see healthy, vibrant, indigenous mission movements on every continent that are capable of raising the people, resources and tools needed to reach unreached peoples within their proximity.



By end of 2020 - have 200 active storyline affiliate staff and trained facilitators teaching mission mobilization through 40 partnership relationships around the world.  The result will be 1,000 new short and long-term missionary workers being sent to the 10/40 window to engage the unreached.

  • 1900 - 89% of missions came from the western church

  • 2020 - 37% of missions come from the western church




By providing frontline workers in war torn countries, Ananias House meets people groups where they are spiritually and disciples them within their communities.

Their passion is to bring hope, sustainability and comfort to those who are suffering and being persecuted.

Their goal is to increase the effectiveness of Middle Eastern and North African church through supporting its growth.



Launch Global takes mobilization a step further. Not only do they mobilize, they also train believers to multiply disciples where there are no churches. The fact is that only 2 percent of missionaries who apply to go to the 10/40 Window actually make it. Of the few who do make it, half return before the end of their first 2 years. Launch Global seeks to change this.


Through life-on-life training over a period of several months, they correct character issues, unresolved conflict and train in basic disciple-making. Launch Global moves potential missionaries through an active training that develops their character, equips them with essential skills, and places them on healthy teams with solid, experienced coaches. They see more than 75 percent of those involved in their training not only make it to the mission field but stay and thrive.