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Tabitha & Heath Hale

Tabitha is the co-founder of The BLESS Foundation and has a passion for prayer and a heart for the nations. After hearing the staggering statistic that over 40% of the world has no hope of ever hearing the Gospel and that less than 50% of “Christians” have ever heard of The Great Commission, Tabitha was compelled to use her gifts to revive a missions movement. Tabitha worked for an event planning and fundraising consulting company where she managed clients’ fundraising events and stakeholder engagement for both for- and non-profits. She graduated from The University of Texas and loves the city of Austin, where she lives with her two daughters and husband, Heath.


Heath is the co-founder of The BLESS Foundation. He grew up in a family of auctioneers and has been developing this unique craft since 2003 when he graduated from high school and started his own auctioneer business; selling cars, cattle, real estate and everything in between. In 2008, he was asked to share his gift with an Austin non-profit at his first-ever fundraising gala and realized he had been crafting his gift for this purpose- to become a charity auctioneer. In 2013, Heath resigned from his position as regional VP of sales and marketing for a fast-growing car auction company and became a full-time fundraising consultant and charity auctioneer. He and his team of Cowboy ringmen have raised over $100 million for non-profits and community causes across the country. He has since realized that his gift of auctioneering and his vast experience in fundraising was really a path to lead him to founding The BLESS Foundation. Heath is a Texas State Bobcat, a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, Austin Ridge Bible Church member and avid world-traveler. Heath lives in Austin, Texas with his two daughters and wife, Tabitha.


BLESS was founded to reach the unreached but has quickly become an outlet for people who want to use their blessings to bless others. We have all heard the age-old saying “It is better to give than to receive” but sometimes defining how you can help is the hardest part.


What if we were all created for a greater purpose? What if we were each given gifts designed to play a part in a grand puzzle, divinely pieced together at just the right time? What if your gift is the missing piece God wants to use next?


We were convinced that this master puzzle exists and in 2016, started the process of creating BLESS to use our gifts in fundraising and event-planning to inspire a movement to reach the unreached. As the journey progressed, a diverse and passionate board of directors developed and has each inserted their individual gifts to advance the mission.


BLESS hosts an annual Christmas Concert & Storytelling Benefit and partners with diverse organizations that are all making a huge impact in the world through their work. In order to continue the amazing work they have ahead of them, they need one thing… all of our blessings!

At the first annual Light the World event in Austin, Texas in 2017, BLESS hosted more than 500 attendees, raised over $500,000 and engaged over 100 volunteers.  In December of 2018, over 2,000 attendees came together with over $1,000,000 for God's Kingdom.


Do you want to get involved and use your gifts to help bless others? Whether you are still searching for your gift or have mastered it completely, The BLESS Foundation can walk alongside you in your journey toward finding your greater purpose.


Ways to get involved:

-Attend Mission Rev and learn about God’s heart for the nations

-Join our Prayer Force team and receive prayer prompts for world-wide projects

-Volunteer for Light the World

-Donate and share your blessings to reaching the unreached

-Follow us on social media and help us tell their stories

Whether you're here as a partner, beneficiary, volunteer or friend, we want you to know we care. We are so blessed to get to play our part on this journey and are truly grateful to get to meet you along the way.

-Tabi & Heath