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Pioneers Media Outreach - Newsletter Article for The BLESS Foundation

Faith in the Face of Persecution

“I am convinced that the Lord Jesus is my God and that he was crucified for me. I first believed in 2018. I announced my faith to my friends and to people around me, but everyone insulted me and I was beaten twice. My father sent me out of the house for 63 days. Despite all of this, I still believed. I testify that Christ is Lord.”

Mafi is in his mid-twenties and lives at home with his family. He wants to know how he can share his faith with those around him in the Middle East, despite opposition from his family and fear of what may happen. He told missionaries that the Pioneers outreach website is “wonderful” and that he visits it each morning and evening. He said it was the reason for his faith in Christ.

Update on Partnership

Stories like Mafi’s are being made possible by people like you! Pioneers Media Outreach is building on the successes donors and missionaries have seen in using Facebook and internet outreach in the Arab world. This is a success that BLESS and its partners helped achieve when they invested $70,000 in similar work in early 2018. That investment was pivotal to seeing 334 Muslims Arabs come to faith!

In the next 12 months, Pioneers Media Outreach is going to take the same tactics that have led Al Qaeda members to faith and start applying them to other places in the world where no one is proclaiming the gospel. This includes outreach to high-caste Hindu Rajputs in India and isolated Buddhists in Nepal. At the next Light the World event, you and BLESS could accelerate this work!

Imagine what we could do together… Right now, $30 puts Facebook posts in front of 179,500 men and women who have never had a chance to hear the Good News. Every three months, Pioneers is putting Facebook posts in front of 10-11 million Arabs! But millions of Hindus and Buddhists have never heard of Jesus’ love. If you will join Pioneers and BLESS at the next Light the World event, their time could come! Please join us in praying that God would prepare the hearts of those we could reach together in the next 12 months.

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