Many of our mission partners bring long-term sustainability to the people groups we support. A critical component is training, equipping, empowering and often employing folks we get to know and love in an ongoing partnership. Our artisan partners reflect that commitment and we love to support them and their families who rely on commerce, trade and ​a healthy economic ecosystem to thrive.

This page provides opportunities to learn more about the artisans BLESS supports

and the great work they are doing to reach the unreached!


Empowering teens & women on the Thai-Myanmar border.

Sojourn/ˈsōjərn/: A temporary stop where a traveler resides; respite on a journey


There is an amazing phrase spoken as a blessing over youth in Myanmar. Lay le ya is a Pwo Karen saying that means "hope-filled forward motion." 

At Sojourn, we provide a respite along life’s way for young women who have big hills to climb. We provide them with tools and experience to walk forward with sure steps and eyes lifted towards a lighted horizon.


Everything starts with their hands.

They form each porcelain piece and paint every gold and silver stroke.

Porcelain Bone China. 14k Gold-filled. Sterling Silver. Liquid Gold and Platinum.



The name "Latitudes" has a dual purpose or meaning that provides some insight into our business: 

1) Geography - represents different areas around the world where we engage in small business development. 

2) Freedom - to remove obstacles or limitations. Extending freedom through business, emphasizing fair trade and treating artisans with dignity and respect.


a tangible expression of love is powerfully worked out in their midst. The help numerous groups around the world by providing a place to distribute and market their handcrafted products. This helps to provide much needed income to the artisans and thus helps provide stability and opportunity to the community. These truly are products with a purpose!

Most of the world is stuck in a cycle of poverty, corruption, and lack of education. Often, financial gain is offered only through questionable or illegal avenues which result in personal ruin and the collapse of community. The traditional skills and crafts are typically neglected, and often lost because they are not viable enough to provide adequate income and long term sustainability. We want to value and encourage these crafts in a way that honors the artisan and promotes ethical business practices which will lay a foundation for future generations to operate within a growing and changing global marketplace.

Latitudes provides a genuine business outlet to artisans in isolated areas around the world.



For a world where women are KNOT FOR SALE,

Freeleaf provides employment and holistic care to at-risk, exploited and abused women in Asia.  Their goal is to help women discover their intrinsic value and give them the tools and confidence they need to stand firm and achieve their dreams. 


  • All handmade by women working hard to achieve their dreams

  • Knotted from a single strand to symbolize the potential of life being shaped into something extraordinary

  • Beautiful and unique


  • Economic empowerment through employment with fair wages and fair working conditions

  • Holistic care such as safe shelter, medical care, counseling, life-skills training and professional development

  • Support and encouragement as these beautiful women overcome their history of abuse to become strong women able to achieve their dreams