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Protecting vulnerable children, fighting human trafficking, mobilizing cross-cultural workers, advancing the Gospel and supplying life-sustaining resources, globally.



mobilizing people and resources to reach the unreached



BLESS exists to protect vulnerable children, fight human trafficking, mobilize cross-cultural workers, advance the Gospel and supply life-sustaining resources, globally.



BLESS cultivates fellowship rooted in the Hope of the Gospel, connects those with resources to those without, and facilitates relationships not easily broken in a world that can be.

We all have a role to play.


BLESS mobilizes people and resources to reach the unreached through five core strategies. Every spring, our board goes through a rigorous application and interview process to select at least one mission partner to represent each category. We feature their projects from the stage at our annual Christmas Concert & Storytelling Benefit, Light the World. Together, with our family of BLESS ambassadors, donors, partners and friends, we pool our resources and fund their projects. Then, throughout the following year, we share in the in fruit of the harvest together with the GOOD NEWS. 


Thank you all for playing your part. 

Prayers up! -DE

-Dustin Elliott, Founding Board Member



The definition of "unreached" is any people group that is less than 2% Christian.  41% of the world's total people groups are considered unreached.   


From the beginning, The BLESS Foundation has given priority to a part of the world nicknamed the "10/40 Window". The 10/40 Window is simply a term used to describe a region of the world within 10 and 40 degrees latitude from Western Africa to Eastern Asia. The 65 countries that make up this region involve the majority of humanitarian crises and people who have not had an opportunity to hear the Gospel live here.