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In 2018, BLESS partners funded the completion of a 200,000-watt medium wave (AM) radio-transmitter along the Silk Road.

Now you can help fund much-needed programming to share the Gospel with those who cannot be reached in person safely. With a focus on youth, this project will reach listening communities and guide them to Jesus through:

  • Broadcasting The Way of Righteousness radio program

  • Youth ministry programming through social media

  • The King of Glory biblical video series shared on social media


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Jesse is a typical young adult in Central Asia. He is loyal to his family and has tried to embrace their religion. But studying the Quran doesn’t answer his questions, and the guys recruiting young men for radicalism don’t seem to have answers either. Jesse wants to know God, but he feels empty. Then he risks sharing with his best friend, Alex, that he still has a lot of questions about God. It opens a door.

Jesse was so surprised when Alex said he had been listening to a Christian broadcast. Alex was nervous about saying it. But Jesse was his best friend, and he wanted to talk about the Trans World Radio program with someone. They decided to listen together. It was risky, but they listened on their cell phones when they brought food back from the market. If someone learned of it, they could be charged with a crime.


They kept listening in secret. There were so many topics they could learn about: family life, depression, death, and Jesus. The teaching all seemed to make sense. Then they planned a fishing trip to talk about all this and how to believe. Someone in the programs explained how to follow Jesus. They decided to do it.


After that fishing trip, Jesse heard about a meal and people praying in the middle of the night. He went there and met the most joyful people he had ever seen. All of these people listen to the online programs and radio broadcasts by Trans World Radio, just like Alex and Jesse did. And they are praying for each other as they live their faith secretly. Jesse hopes that someday Alex will join him at that meeting.


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A Global

Christmas Event

December 13, 2020

Join BLESS partners from around the world virtually for one night to 

Light the World!

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