Wantakia Literacy Update 02/20

What do you do without cell service for 6 weeks?

To answer that question, without cell service/internet we've been laser-beam focused on our life right here! Teacher literacy, training our literacy teachers, translating, writing Bible lessons (more on that in a minute!), homeschooling the kids, and lots of family time--which means lots of Uno, hearts, and puzzles!

Last time we wrote we asked you to pray. Thank you! Literacy is going great with our 10 very eager students. Class is already going to finish next month! So we will have another graduation coming up too. I can just picture them holding God's Word, reading it in their language one day!

Translation and writing Bible lessons are moving along. Ok, here is where I share our "Lord willing" timeline. I think you know that we are getting close to teaching "God's talk" to our village. We have 30 Bible lessons already written (out of about 70--sounds daunting but God is helping us!). So we hope to finish writing the rest of them in the next couple of months that we can begin teaching! Pray for God's favor--we want to begin teaching in April or May.

We are so pumped about this! This is why we came here! We have been dreaming about this for years. Ever since we "caught the vision" back in college (2005ish, really?!), then in training (2009-2012), then ever since we moved over here (2014) and into Wantakia (2015). Well, the day is almost here! Jesus will build his church in Wantakia, in spite of me! 

We are so close. Pray that we will keep depending on His mighty power that works within us.

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