Zoe Empowers: Future Heroes Group 02/20

Zoe Trip to Vizag

Future Heroes Group partnered with BLESS:

The group resides near the railroad tracks where the trains go by night and day. They are located in a community named Ambedkar Colony which is named after the person who wrote the constitution of India – he was a person from a low caste. This was the second group recruited into Zoe. There are 25 heads of household. During the recruitment process for this community they had 150 youth originally identified as potential candidates for Zoe. They then filtered to 40 and finally ended up with 25 who consistently attended meeting.

President of the group is Raja Kumari. Secretary is Anil Kumar.  He gave the following account of group activities which were well documented in the binder he keeps, as pictured left. 

As a group, we share our challenges and our victories: 


- Our group has a rule that if anyone does not come for two meetings they must give a good reason why they did not attend.  If no reason we warn them that they will be dismissed from the group

- Our group teaches we should respect all the community people around us

- We speak positively to our group.  Our mentor always shares and encourages us.  She takes care of us and makes sure we are there on time

- President is not a boss for us but a coach for us. If the president cannot come to a meeting they give the responsibility to someone else. They should always be about justice. President shares about the group to all the Zoe staff

- Secretary gathers all information. Knows all matters and maintains all records for the group. When visitors come they read the minutes book.  They should not tell all the information to others

- Treasurer secures the bank account. If our group spends anything the treasurer asks for the record. They should show records with transparency

What do they hope for their future? 


- I am afraid the three years will go fast and so I want to use every opportunity.


- I want to have a big beautician parlor.


- Now I am renting a place for my restaurant, and I want to buy a building.


- With the profit money they want to go back to post-graduation.

Sravika sells bananas at 30 rupees per dozen.  She usually buys every day if sales are good.

What was she doing before Zoe?


She used to sell fruit from home.  She supports her brother and her grandfather who live with her.

Does her grandfather like that she has a business?




How many bananas does she sell a day? 


20 dozen, so about 250 to 300 rupees per day in profits.

What is her dream for the future? 


Go back to school and become a doctor.

This is the IMPACT BLESS is making all over the world...and we have only just begun.